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One Submissive Act is a safe, private space to share a photo of your sexual fantasy with a stranger or a lover.

Control your own experience, from who you interact with, to how explicit or kinky your interests are.

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Control your own experience

We like to have kinky fun online, but we wanted to be able to choose who to do it with, and how extreme it should be. Our product team is mostly women, and we’ve experienced being hassled on adult social networking sites that allow anyone to contact you.

On One Submissive Act, you can choose to start a kinky interaction with a person of your choice. Whether you’re looking to dominate others, submit to them, or play a risky game, you get to create an offer of one of these activities, and then either share the link allowing others to claim it with those you like, or open it up for strangers. If you don’t want to initiate things, browse through our list of people offering their own acts, and choose the one who interests you.

Screenshot of sharable submissive act

Share online content safely

Nothing you share online is truly private. However, rather than sharing your erotic photos with everyone on the net, on this site you share them with a private audience of one person. By default, your photos automatically expire in 30 days, so you can focus on having sexy new interactions without leaving nude photos around the web that you’ve forgotten about. Want them deleted faster? You can set them to delete immediately after being viewed on our privacy settings page.

If someone doesn’t feel right to you, you can block them at the press of the button, making all your content invisible to them, even things you have already uploaded.

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Allow things to heat up

Our submissive acts come in five levels of explicitness, and we recommend you start at the start. If you’re enjoying interactions with some sexy stranger, why not crank things up and allow them a more extreme interaction?

If you’re having a good time, you can continue to interact privately with specific users, providing you’re both into it. When there’s mutual consent, there’s room for a lot of fun.

our selectable difficulty levels