Users spoiling the site site for other members (11/09/16)

Recently we've had a spate of users spoiling the site for other members. It sounds like they are doing it for religious reasons and that the site offends their religious beliefs.

Coming from someone who was brought up as a Christian I realised that the world is full of people who have differing beliefs. I've always believed that however different people are from yourself that you treat other people with respect without the need to belittle their beliefs or insult them and use profanity against them.

Other people are entitled to believe and to act according to their beliefs as as long as those acts are consensual and dont cause other people harm.

It seems that these users feel that it's appropriate to verbally abuse the other members of the site and suggest they "go kill themselves". I believe that if they truely knew their scripture that God would not condone such behaviour nor the use of profanity and that those actions are also sinful.

Regardless we are taking technical measures to reduce these occurrences. You are now required to confirm your email address when you sign up for an account.

Accounts can be disabled permanently for acts of abuse.

If these inappropriate actions continue to occur then we'll be forced to take other measures. If you know of users who are abusing other members or spoiling the experience for everyone feel free to get in touch via our feedback page.

New Ownership (26/06/16)

The site is currently under new ownership. We're looking forward to introducing your most requested new features in the coming months.