The Loser Submits

Start a competition with another person where the loser has to perform one submissive act of the winner's choice.

This is the difficulty level for this game. Your demand needs to fit this level, and theirs will too.

They will only see this if they lose the game

The winner is determined by this game of rock-paper-scissors. Wondering what happens on a draw?

Game rules

If you don't know what rock-paper-scissors is, check out the wikipedia article.

In the case of a draw, what happens depend on which gesture you both picked:

Rock: You both lose and both have to perform the other person's demand.

Paper: You both win, and no one has to do anything. You might want to start another game.

Scissors: Deep in the bowels of our data center, a trained monkey flips a coin and the loser is randomly determined.